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Analiz - Tur 11
turkleague10Türkiye İş Bankası Liginde tamamlanan onbirinci turun ardından Büyükusta Evgeny Miroshnichenko ilgi çekici partileri bizlerle paylaştı. Yorum ve diyagramları aşağıda bulabilirsiniz;

One of the most exciting matches of the whole league had been yesterdays fight between ITU and Ceyhan Municipality teams. ITU, the only concurrent for seemingly unstoppable Besiktas, had very tough match right from the beginning. At some point one could expect some minus four loss from them, but finally they've managed not only to save but to win this match. Pure luck, a miracle or a team spirit? There are two examples to base your judgments on:

Paehtz, Elisabeth - Ertan, Can


This was one of the crucial games of the match. Black has decisive advantage, and it's hard to imagine something could go wrong for him. 41...Nb5?! This move wins a piece and should've been enough to win the game as well, however, Black misses the most precise [41...Rc8! 42.Kd2 Rxc5 43.Bd3 (43.f6 Rc1 44.Rxc1 bxc1Q+ 45.Kxc1 Nxb1 46.Kxb1 h5 and White can't stop the pawn.) 43...Ke7 and king goes to e5 while White has nothing to do but to wait for execution.] 42.Kf3 Nc3 43.c6 Rc8 44.Rg2 Nxb1 45.Rxb2 Na3 46.Rb4 Rxc6 47.e5 Still, Black should be winning easily.


47...Kg7 [Brutal 47...Rc3, intending Nc2, was quite convincing way to victory, as White fails to create any threats - 48.Rb8+ Kg7 49.f6+ Kg6 50.Rg8+ Kf5 51.Rf8 Nc4–+] 48.Rb8 Rc7 [48...Rc3!] 49.Ke4 Nc4 50.f6+ Kh7 51.Re8 At this point Black should've stop and look for the best continuation, as he had already made few inaccuracies.


51...Na3? After this move the game could hardly be won for Black. [Unexpected 51...Rc5! wins on a spot, as Black wants to transfer the game to the winning pawn ending. - 52.Re7 (The most stubborn 52.e6 Nd6+ 53.Kd4 Rc6!–+ still shouldn't be a problem for Black.) 52...Rxe5+ 53.Rxe5 Nxe5 54.Kxe5 Kg6 55.e4 h5–+] 52.Kf5 Now it's really hard to improve for Black as White has got nearly ideal set-up. 52...Nb5 53.Rd8! Rc5 54.Rd7 Kg8 Black accepts the repetition. [54...Rc7 55.Rd8 Nc3 56.e4 Ne2 57.e6 fxe6+ 58.Kxe6 Nf4+ 59.Kf5 Nxh3 60.e5 Nf4 61.Rd6! and being a clear piece up Black has to accept the draw as he has no way to improve.] 55.Rd8+ Kh7 56.Rd7 Kg8 57.Rd8+ Kh7 58.Rd7 Rc7 59.Rd8 Rc5 1/2

Ozkan, Ervin - Kinsiz, Onur


Black seems (and indeed is!) completely lost, but keeps fighting and his spirit is finally rewarded with the full point! 39...Rd1 40.Ra8+ Kh7 41.Ra7 [The strongest 41.Na7! wasn't really easy to find! - 41...Bf6 42.Nc6! Bh4 43.b5 Rd2 44.Kf3! and Black's counterplay is not sufficient as b-pawn going to be promoted soon.] 41...Kg8 42.Rc7 Rd3 43.Rc5


43...Rb3 Stopping white pawns for some time. 44.e5! g5 45.e6?! There was no need to activate Black's bishop. By the way, black e- and f-pawns may create a passed pawn one day... [45.Nd4!? Rxa3 46.b5 Rd3 47.Nf3+-] 45...fxe6 46.Rxg5 Kh7 47.Rc5 Kg6 48.Rc2 Be5 49.f3 Bb2


Black had improved a lot, however his position remains lost... 50.Re2?! [50.Rc4! Bxa3 (50...e5 51.a4 and white pawns starting their run to the promotion squares.) 51.Nxa3 Rxa3 52.Rxf4 , and there shouldn't be any problem for White to win this.] 50...e5 51.Re1 Rd3 52.Re2 Rb3 53.Rc2 Kg5 54.Rd2 Kh4


Despite material advantage it's already problematic for White to achieve a progress as Black's remaining forces are extremely active. 55.Re2 [55.Rd8!? e4 56.fxe4 Rxh3 , and Black's counterplay shouldn't be underestimated.] 55...Kg5?! [55...Bxa3 was already good enough for a draw - 56.Nxa3 Rxa3 57.Rb2 (57.Rxe5 Ra2+ 58.Kf1 Rb2 , followed by Kg3, and it's White who has to be careful.) 57...e4 58.fxe4 Rxh3 59.Kg1 Kg3 60.b5 f3 61.b6 Rh7 62.b7 f2+ 63.Rxf2 Rxb7=] 56.Nd6! Bd4? It's hard to blame Black for this move as he finally won the game, however the move itself is quite inferior. [56...Bxa3 57.Rxe5+ Kf6 and Black should be able to hold.] 57.Ne4+ Kh4 58.Ra2 Rb1 59.Nf2 [59.Nd6!? , intending b5.] 59...Rb3


60.a4? Perhaps a correct idea, which, however, should've been tried under more favorable circumstances. [60.Ne4±] 60...Rxb4 61.a5 Ba7 62.a6 Rb1 Now all White's advantage has gone, however he shouldn't lose anyway... 63.Re2 Ra1 64.Kh2 Rxa6


65.Ng4? Simply overlooking Black's replay! [If you want something to be blocked - block it safely! 65.Ne4!= ] 65...e4! That's the chance Black had been waiting for! 66.fxe4? The worst from three possible options. [It's not clear if Black is winning after 66.Rxe4 Ra2+ 67.Kh1 Kxh3 68.Re1 Kg3; the most "human" choice seems to be 66.Kg2 e3, however White's fortress could be destroyed with a zugzwang - 67.Rc2 Rd6 68.Re2 Bc5! 69.Ne5 Rd2 70.Kf1 Rd5! (70...Kxh3?? 71.Rxd2 exd2 72.Ke2=) 71.Ng4 Kg3–+] 66...f3! After this simple move White is helpless as his king can't escape deadly threats. 67.Rb2 Ra1 68.Nf2 Be3! 69.Nd3 Bg1+ 70.Kh1 Bf2+ [70...Bf2+ 71.Kh2 Bg3#] 0–1

And two more episodes from different matches:

Rasulov, Vugar - Reyhan, Dogan Heval


White didn't got much from the opening to say the least, so he decides to try an "all-in" attack. 20.g4?! Opening the position on the kingside and preparing g3 square for the knight, this move is connected with a sequence of sacrifices which occurred in the game. While being objectively dubious, this kind of moves is not easy to refute! 20...hxg4 [20...b4?! 21.axb4 axb4 22.Na2 hxg4 23.Nxb4 Bd7 with unclear play.] 21.fxe5 dxe5 22.Ng3! Bd7! 23.Nce2 I believe this move was White's intention when he went for 20.g4, however [23.Bxf6 Bxf6 24.Nd5 Nxd5 25.exd5 gxh3 26.Be4 deserved attention as well.] 23...gxh3


24.Bxf6! All or nothing! In fact, the bishop only blocks the routes for the other pieces, so why not to give it up? :) [24.Bf3 would be too soft - 24...Be6 25.Bxf6 Bxf6 26.Nh5 Nd7 27.Rg1 Kf8 and I don't see how to continue the attack for White.] 24...hxg2+ 25.Kxg2 Bxf6 26.Rxf6!


26...Be6! [Careless 26...gxf6? would lose the game on a spot after 27.Qh6 and Black's army can't save the king!] 27.Nh5 Qxc2 [27...Kf8? 28.Nxg7!+-; 27...Nd7? 28.Qg5!+-] 28.Nxg7! [Bad was 28.Qg5 Qxe4+ 29.Kf2 Qg4 30.Qxg4 Bxg4–+] 28...Qxb3! [28...Kxg7? 29.Qg5+ Kf8 30.Rxe6! and White is winning, for instance 30...Qxe4+ 31.Kh2 fxe6 32.Qf6+ Ke8 33.Qxe6+ Kf8 34.Rf1++-] 29.Qh6 [29.Qxb3?! Bxb3 30.Rxb6 Kxg7 31.Rxb5 a4 32.Rxe5 Rc2 and Black's advantage is obvious.]


29...Qh3+ Only move! 30.Qxh3 Bxh3+ 31.Kxh3 Nd7 32.Nh5 [32.Ra6 Kxg7 33.Rg1+ Kf8 34.Rxa5 Ke7 35.Rxb5 Rc2 and despite material equality White's position remains hard.] 32...Nxf6 33.Nxf6+ Kg7 34.Nd5 f5! 35.Ne7 Rd3+


36.Kh4! [36.Kg2 Rc2 37.Nxf5+ Kf6 38.Kf2 Rxa3 39.Ne3 Rb2 and Black should be winning with precise play.] 36...Rh8+ 37.Kg5 f4 38.Ng6? [In spirit of the previous play White should continue 38.Rc1 Kf7 39.Ng6 extremely activating his forces, and after more or less forced 39...Rg8! 40.Kf5 (40.Rc7+ Ke6–+) 40...Rxg6 41.Rc7+ Ke8 42.Kxg6 f3! 43.Ng3 f2


44.Nf5!! Kd8 (44...f1Q 45.Ng7+ Kd8 46.Ne6+ Ke8 47.Ng7+ Kf8 48.Ne6+ Kg8 49.Rg7+ Kh8 50.Rh7+=) 45.Rc1 Rxa3 46.Kf6! White has to be out of danger.] 38...Rh2! 39.Nxe5 Re3 40.Rb1


40...Rexe2? Gives away the victory! [40...Rhxe2! 41.Rxb5 Rxe4 42.Rb7+ Kf8 43.Nd7+ Kf7–+] 41.Rxb5 Rxe4 42.Rxa5 Rhe2 43.Ra7+ Kf8 44.Nd7+ Ke8 [44...Kf7 45.Nc5+ Re7 46.Rxe7+ Kxe7 47.Kxf4=] 45.Nf6+ and a draw was agreed there. 1/2

Odeev, Handszar - Nyzhnyyk, Illya


The position looks nearly equal, however Black's next overaggressive decision could've brought him some trouble: 22...0–0–0? King looks safer on it's initial square, while Black's plan to double the rooks on g-file fails to impress. [22...a5!? enhancing control on the queenside and intending to play a5-a4 at some stage was just good enough to keep the position balanced.] 23.Kh1! Rdg8 24.Rg1 Now Black has no threats on g file anymore, while his king is really awkwardly placed. 24...Rd8 25.Rd3 Bf6 26.Rc1 Rdg8 Perhaps hoping for the repetition. 27.Rxd6! Be7!? [27...Rxg2 28.c5! Qb5 29.Qc2! Qb7 30.c6 Qb6 31.Rd2!±]


28.c5! Nice exchange sacrifice, which should've lead to White's advantage. 28...Bxd6 29.cxd6+ Kb8 30.d7! Ka8? [30...Qxd7 The least of evils would've been 31.Ne5 Qb5 32.Qxb5+ axb5 33.Nxg6 fxg6 34.Rc5 with descent chances to escape.] 31.Qc4 Good enough to keep advantage, but not the strongest. [31.Nxh4! R6g7 (31...Rxg2? 32.Rc8+ Rxc8 (32...Ka7 33.Qe3++-) 33.dxc8Q+ Qxc8 34.Nxg2+-) 32.Rd1! Rd8 33.Rd6! and Black is helpless.] 31...Rb8?


32.Rd1? An influence of the timetrouble! [32.Qc7!! , using the fact Black can't change the queens - 32...Qxc7 33.Rxc7 Rgg8 34.Ne5 and there is no sufficient defense against 35.Nc6, would win the game on a spot as White's plan Qd6 and Rc6 can't be prevented.] 32...Rd8 33.Rd6?! and here the draw was agreed. White's advantage has gone.[33.Rd6 Rxd7 34.Rxd7 Qxd7 35.Qxa6+ Qa7 36.Qc8+ Qb8 and I don't think White has more than perpetual there.] 1/2
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